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The Princess of Cambodia Barbie Doll wears a traditional sampot, a calf-length wraparound skirt, like a sarong. The wrap, which features a golden geometric floral print, comes together in a vertical layer of pleats in front. A golden braided belt secures the wrap at her waist with a golden buckle. Her accents include dangling earrings, an elaborate crown, an intricate armband, a braided golden sash and golden shoes. The packaging features educational information about Cambodia. This doll measures approximately 12 inches tall.


Princess of Cambodia

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JD said:
I’m half Cambodian and I’m very satisfied that the doll really looks like a replica of Cambodian princesses. I’m amazed at the detail work on the dress and how the jewelry are well made. I bought one for my daughter and soon to buy more for family members.

MD said:

I bought this doll for myself for a birthday present. I enjoy it very much. It is nice to be able to find collector dolls on Amazon that you cannot find elsewhere.