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The France Barbie doll celebrates the allure of French nightlife in a can can dancer’s ensemble. The doll’s pink dress features white lacy accents and black trim. Black fishnets, a stylish feathery cap, and blue gloves complete the blonde bombshell’s ensemble. Très chic!

Celebrate a spectacular cabaret in the City of Lights! The pure exuberance of the can-can dancer doll as she kicks up her heels in traditional costume of frilled corset dress and feathered headwear. A must-have for your collection. Measures approximately 12″ tall.



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T.T. said:

I recently purchased this doll, and I am really happy with it. Her outfit is very cute. I love the blue gloves with the pink dress. I also like the blue cameo on her choker. I took her out of her box for display though because the box sort of “squishes” her outfit. I have to say that I think she looks much better out of the box. On her display stand, you can pose her and create a sense of motion and aliveness. Her dress and gloves seem to be easily removable (although this is only from examination, not trial). I like that her dress and choker have snaps, not Velcro. Her hat is not removable, and I would not recommend playing with her hair.


I am also considering purchasing Scotland Barbie which I also think is adorable but in a completely different way.