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Italy is alive with enchanting landscapes, bustling cities, Renaissance art, and Italian opera. Fashionable, imperial, and very contemporary, the capital city of Rome is rich with the remains of the Roman Empire.

Italy Barbie doll captures the spirit of this beautiful ancient city and lifestyle with a beautiful peasant blouse and skirt accented with a green sash, a fringe shawl, red scarf, hoop earrings and a basket with flowers.

Italy cameo

Italy 2



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NY said:

This doll is beautiful beyond belief, with exquisite facial features, silky, copper colored hair, lovely cafe -au lait complexion, a terrific womanly figure (not a fan of the really skinny model muse Barbie bodies)and a sturdy vinyl body…

She bends at the knees and is therefore somewhat poseable, though not as much so as the more articulated Barbie bodies-(like Pirates of The Caribbean’s Angelika/Penelope Cruz doll). I have seen versions of her where Mattel didn’t get the symmetry of her features quite right- her eyes are slanted and half closed, and therefore need to be painted just right or one eye can wind up appearing bigger than the other- but I really, REALLY lucked out with the one I got, as she is absolutely perfect in every way. EASILY ONE OF THE BEST DOLL PURCHASES WE HAVE EVER MADE!


RC said:

I bought this as a present for my mom and she loves it. Its really cool that you can get them for each country and us being Italian with was a great gift for my mom.