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Japan Ken® doll is the first Ken® to appear in the Dolls of the World® Collection. Featuring a brand new face sculpt, Ken looks both handsome and exotic. His Samurai-inspired costume features a high collared ankle-length coat, knee high silver/black buckled boots, white fingerless glove on left hand. In addition to his costume, it is Ken’s long “sword” — the Katana — that symbolizes honor in Japanese culture.

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Reviews –

L. says:

Most artists know that it is very difficult to produce a male doll that doesn’t look a little feminine in its features. I don’t know exactly why that is, but once in a while, someone gets it right. Samurai Ken is one such shining example.

With a new facial sculpt, facial features such as a light goatee and manly expression, and costume complete with katana, this Ken has to be one of the finest male dolls Mattel has ever produced. Samurai Ken has a place of honor in my doll collection