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Scotland Barbie is a beautiful Highland lass in a traditional outfit with a Tartan plaid skirt and scarf. From the Dolls of the World Pink Label Collection, the Scotland doll also wears a vest and a velvet beret. She carries a reproduction bagpipe.



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AB said:

I have a collection of over 60 Barbie dolls and I love this doll!
She is very beautiful and has a “Twist and Turn” body. She has beautiful, vibrant red hair as shown in the picture (for once Mattel wasn’t misleading), and has nice dark make up which goes beautifully with her pale skin. Her outfit and bagpipes are cute too. She is the most beautiful in the DOTW collection. What I also like is that since she is a “Twist and Turn” doll, her stand isn’t nearly as flimsy as the wafer-like fashion dolls that come apart often and cause the dolls to tip forward or back with the slightest touch.
This doll is a must!



CR said:

This doll is absolutely beautiful, however the Scottish plaid should go over the left shoulder, symbolically to cover the heart. This particular detail is a biggie to those with Scottish ancestry.

scotland cameo